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We are delighted to announce META-REP 2024 – the Conference on Meta-Science and Replicability in the social, behavioral, and cognitive sciences. It will be held from October 28 to 31, 2024 in Munich. The conference is organized by the DFG-funded Priority Program META-REP.

In recent years, replicability, reproducibility, robustness, and validity of empirical findings became a focal and intensively debated and researched topic in the behavioral and social sciences. Aside from an intensive scientific discourse, these dynamics caused demands for change and innovation. In response to these developments, the META-REP program is oriented towards three main (meta-)scientific research goals: (1) to define, describe, and assess “replicability” (the what-question), (2) to provide explanations for replication rates, heterogeneity and deviation in replication results (the why-question), and (3) to assess effectiveness and efficiency of strategies and change aimed at improving robustness (the how-question). We are convinced that many scholars in the fields of the behavioral and social sciences can contribute valuable findings, ideas, and discussions to (one of) these three goals. We are excited to provide a platform for the exchange of manifold replication-related research findings and innovation from all scientific disciplines (as well as science communicators, delegates from funding agencies, academies, or science organizations). We thus want to invite everyone whose work relates to one of the manifold aspects of replicability research to attend and/or contribute to META-REP 2024!

We hope to see you in Munich,
Prof. Dr. Mario Gollwitzer
META-REP Program Coordinator

Important Dates

February 19, 2024 Call for papers issued
April 30, 2024 Submission deadline (talks, posters, presentations)
June 01, 2024 Registration opens
July 31, 2024 Early bird registration deadline